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Due to their hectic schedules, working women tend to delay or neglect their breast check-ups which take long hours at hospitals. This results in greater difficulties and a rise in costs and sometimes even a loss in lives.

Our center has been established to meet this need. In our center, it is possible to complete the breast and endocrinology examinations and all other tests related, rapidly in a centrally located, reliable and pleasant environment.

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Breast cancer affects one in 8 women in their lifetime. Although breast cancer is also seen in men, it is much less common. While the lifetime risk of developing breast cancer is 0.1% in men, this rate is 12-13% in women.

Due to the development of awareness about breast cancer, early diagnosis with screening methods and advances in treatment methods, deaths due to breast cancer show a significant decrease compared to previous years.

85% of breast cancers are seen in people who have not had a relative with breast cancer before. Therefore, the absence of this story in the family does not mean that the person will not have cancer.



The Molecular Mechanism of Obesity and Breast Cancer

It is a book written by Prof. Dr. Atilla Engin that discusses the molecular principles of obesity, which is extremely important in the pathogenesis of many diseases, especially cardiovascular problems and cancer, with nearly a thousand sources under twenty-five titles and contains useful information for those interested in obesity.

Stories of Journeys Through Breast Cancer

In this book, edited by Canan Perdahlı, you will find the magnificent stories, sadness, anxieties, losses, unyielding struggles, successes and return to normal life bravely shared with us by our heroic women who came across at different stages of their lives and who have struggled with the same disease and succeeded.


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